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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful
“Indeed the charitable men and charitable women, and those who lend Allah a good loan —it shall be multiplied for them, and there is a noble reward for them.”
The Holy Qur’an, 57:18

Thank you for visiting the website of The Islamic Center of Little Rock(ICLR) Food Bank

The ICLR is a non-profit organization that aims to help those in need through the food bank and other services and to provide a path for our community to play a substantial role in aiding those who seek it. This is an organization in the community that has opened the doors for those in need to seek help anonymously, and to have a reliable support network.

The Food Bank  Since starting in early 2010, food has been distributed to over 200 households. See schedule below.

However, we would also like to emphasize that while Muslims primarily run this organization, we are a service for humanity- our services are not limited to any faith or race. We highly encourage everybody and anybody to take advantage of our services, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

There are many ways that you can help the Muslim Food Bank succeed. We’re constantly seeking volunteers, help, and donations, so we urge you to help in every way that you can to alleviate poverty from our society, as is the sunnah (practice) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and what Allah SWT has ordained for us. Please also make sure to spread the word about this organization so that we are able to serve as many people as possible.




Sat. November 7th & Sat. November 21st


Sat. December 5th & Sat. December 19th


Sat. January 9th & Sat. January 23th


Sat. February 13th & Sat. February 27th


Sat.March  12th & Sat. March 26th



Iqamah Times

Fajr 5:45am
Dhuhr 1:30 pm
'Asr 3:00 pm
Maghrib 10 mins after sunset
'Isha 7:00 pm
Jumu'ah 1:30 pm

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ICLR is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization